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This form is too old.I am writing a new form that I named it Fix soft HyperAero Form.

It's also open source.Download latest version:

Project Description

Fix soft Aero Form 

An complete Aero Glass Form that support Aero Color,Aero Events,Aero Glow,Aero Enabled,Aero Glass Enabled and more.It can show black texts and with ShowLabel method you can convert your old Label to New Labels that they support Aero!

Features & Benefits

It add Aero Glass to your Forms!

It also has special properties:

1- AeroGlassEnabled: Gets or sets Is Aero Glass Enabled?

2- AeroEnabled: Gets or sets Is Window Aero Enabled?

3- CurrentAeroColor: Gets Windows Aero Color.

4- GlowValue: Gets or sets Value of Labels Glow.

5- AutoShowLabels: Gets or sets Is automatical call ShowLabel for all Labels in the Form?

It has special Events for Aero:

1- AeroEffectEnabled: Occurs when Aero Turn on.

2- AeroEffectDisabled: Occurs when Aero Turn off.

3- AeroColorChanged: Occurs when Aero Color changed.

It has two method to Create Aero Form:

1- ResetAeroGlass: Change all of Form to Aero Glass.

2- ExceptFromAero: Change all of Form to Aero Glass excluding a Control.

It run normaly in Windows 7,Windows Vista and above and can run in Windows XP.

How to use:

1- Click New Item…

2- Select Windows Forms category.

3- Select Fix soft Aero Form.

4- Click Add button.

If you like this product, Go and see Fix soft HyperAero Form!

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